About Coco-urth


Our group, has taken strong actions and measures to tackle global shortage of quality hookah supplies especially charcoal.
How do we do that? In 2015 we we decided to go and work with the biggest leading manufacturers of coconut charcoal briquetes for shisha/hookah in Indonesia, Some with over 30 years of experience in this field.
However when we noticed the increase in demand and the lack of unconventional touch to the product, in 2017 we decided to invest in our own factory “PT COCOURTH INDONESIA” to satisfy our customers needs with high quality charcoal.
We did that by using some of the newest innovative and Earth- Conscious technology available in this field.
COCOURTH is committed to the purpose of only using 100% coconut shell charcoal as our raw material for our environment friendly “Green” products.
We take pride in assuring our customers that not a single tree was cut in the making of COCOURTH.




Indonesia exports over 80% of the worlds charcoal, since the abundant coconut raw material is easily reached throughout the year to satisfy the worlds increased demand. Also the tropical climate and soil produce very high quality coconut
shells to allow us to provide our customers the needed quality.
local people have the skills and expertise to produce charcoal since they have been doing it for many years that give our customers competitive prices compared to other countries that produce low grade charcoal.