Our group, has taken strong actions and measures to tackle global issues. How we do that, is by working with the biggest, leading manufacturer of coconut charcoal briquette for shisha/hookah in Indonesia, with over 30 years of experience in this field, using some of the newest and Earth-Conscious technology available. We are committed to the purpose of only using 100% coconut shell charcoal as our raw material for our environment friendly (Green) products. We take pride in assuring our customers that not a single tree was cut in making of our product!

Our charcoal has a high calorific value, with no chemicals added and only the most organic materials such as water and coconut in making it. Hence, we can stand behind our premium product and claim that it does not influence the flavor of your tobacco, burns with a nice and consistent heat, lasts longer than any other charcoal product out there and has no smell or taste. All these traits put together, make your hookah experience the most euphoric experience yet.